Archaeology student demonstrates 3D printing at Dorset County Museum

A Samien ware pot emerges from a 3-D printer . Picture Credit  Peter Brugger

A Samien ware pot emerges from a 3D printer . Picture Credit Peter Brugger

You may have heard about 3D printing but here’s a chance to actually see it taking place. 

On Tuesday 18th February Peter Brugger, a PhD archaeology student from Southampton University, will be demonstrating the process of 3D printing at Dorset County Museum. Peter will show how a three dimensional plastic model is build up – layer by layer – by a hightech 3D printer. He hopes his research into scanning and recreating archaeological objects using 3D printing will benefit the appreciation of archaeology in museums.

To see the technology at work, why not come in at around 10.00 am when the process is in its early stages, then pop back later in the day to see the finished article? Peter will be at the Museum most of the day and will be happy to talk about his work and explain the procedure to visitors – his final talk will be at 2.30 pm.

Entry to see the printing taking place in the Museum’s Victorian Gallery will be FREE but donations are encouraged.

For further information contact the Museum on 01305 262735 or check the website on