‘Hayden Princess’ Traction Engine

Hayden Princess

Hayden Princess

‘Hayden Princess’ is an 11-ton, 7-horsepower general purpose traction engine built by the firm of Marshall in 1901. In 1996 she was bequeathed by the late Jack Miles of Charminster to the Dorset County Museum, now her permanent owner.

The Museum has found it difficult to exhibit the engine, however, let alone display it in steam at outdoor events. In 2012, the Trustees of Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society, reached agreement with the volunteer steam enthusiasts who had been looking after and running the engine on their behalf, to form the ‘Dorchester Steam Engine Preservation Society Ltd’ a company limited by guarantee.

This Society now stores, maintains and insures the engine on the Museum’s behalf, and has the right to steam it for members’ own enjoyment, and exhibit it at local Shows.

‘Hayden Princess’ has been in steam at almost every Great Dorset Steam Fair, since the first working steam rally at Stourpaine in 1969.

The Society is always interested in attracting other people who would appreciate a closer contact with the engine and the satisfaction of keeping it in working order.  If you would like to know more about this, please contact Greg Rochfort via the Dorset County Museum Contact Us Page