Exploring the World of Wallace at the Dorset County Museum’s Craft Academy

Alfred Russel Wallace © Dorset County Museum 2017

Looking for something to do with the kids over the summer holidays? Come and join us for a morning of messy fun at Dorset County Museum’s Craft Academy on Wednesday 2 August 10.30am – 12.30pm

Taking inspiration from the museum’s collection of exotic birds collected by Victorian naturalist and explorer Alfred Russel Wallace. Children will have a chance to learn about Wallace’s ideas and achievements.

craft-academy-dorset-county-museumWe’ll provide the materials and the inspiration – you’ll create a wonderful piece to take home with you. Even better, it’s absolutely FREE thanks to sponsorship from Battens Solicitors.

Each time you create a masterpiece at one of our sessions, we will stamp your Craft Academy passport. If you collect three stamps we’ll give you a special certificate.

For further information contact the Museum on on 01305 756827 or check the website on www.dorsetcountymuseum.org or follow us on Facebook and Twitter

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Local artists exhibit paintings of floral life at the Dorset County Museum

Leaves by Carmen Forder © Dorset County Museum 2017

Leaves by Carmen Forder © Dorset County Museum 2017

Currently exhibiting in the Dorset County Museum Tea Room until 9 September 2017, is a collection of floral paintings by the Martinstown Botanical Art Group

The group has been running for about 9 years and exists to nurture and encourage botanical art in amateur artists who love this genre.  They all choose and bring their own subjects to paint and they have a regular tutor who provides personal encouragement and advice, with demonstrations of technique.

Their current tutors are Simon Williams SBA, a nationally known illustrator and botanical artist, and Pauline Trim AssocSBA.

Members of the group are all enthusiastic amateurs, largely retired or semi-retired, who all love painting and learning.  There is a lot of talent in the group. Some of us sell our work or take commissions, others choose not to.

Subject matter is varied within the natural history brief, as we all paint what appeals to us.  We paint mainly flowers but also include other plant life, fruit, vegetables, also butterflies, birds and, occasionally, animals.  Works are mainly in watercolour, gouache or coloured pencil.

The art exhibition is in the Dorset County Museum Tea Room and is FREE to come and view.

Geology Lecture: What is a Bird? by Dr. Gareth Dyke


Reconstruction of Microraptor Picture Credit: Mick Ellison/AMNH.

On Wednesday 12th February 2014, a talk at Dorset County Museum by Dr. Gareth Dyke of University of Southampton aims to answer an ongoing question amongst geologists: What is a Bird?

The evolution of wings in dinosaurs, and the eventual emergence of birds, was undoubtedly a momentous step in the progression of vertebrate life on our planet.  Using fossil evidence, Dr. Dyke will unfold the history of birds and their dinosaur predecessors through a study of their anatomical diversity as well as lifestyles and habitats.  He will discuss recent fossil discoveries which show key stages in the refinement of parachuting, gliding and – maybe – flapping flight.

Dr. Dyke will also explain how birds managed to survive the massive extinctions at the end of the Cretaceous period which killed every remaining non-avian dinosaur.

All are welcome to this talk – entry is free and a donation of £3.00 is encouraged to cover costs. Doors open at 6.30pm, the talk will commence at 7.00pm.

For further information contact the Museum on 01305 262735 or check the website on www.dorsetcountymuseum.org

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Lecture: Bird Migration and the Campaign to stop Illegal Hunting by Andrew Morgan

Avocet, Malta

Avocet, Malta – Birdlife

BirdLife Malta is a society for the protection of birds and natural habitats in Malta. The organisation monitors activity that threatens wild birds, such as illegal hunting and trapping and urban development in conservation areas on the Maltese islands.

This year BirdLife Malta celebrates the 50th anniversary of its campaigning, research and conservation work. Founded in January 1962 it is the oldest environmental organisation in Malta.

Malta lies on one of three routes used by birds on their biannual migration between Europe and Africa.  There are over 12,000 licensed hunters on the Maltese islands and many will illegally shoot protected birds as there is a large bounty on the rare species.

To help Birdlife Malta stop this tragic waste, Andrew Morgan is giving this lecture, entitled Bird Migration and the Campaign to stop

, to raise funds and awareness for the campaign which he has been supporting since 2008.

The lecture takes place at 7.30pm on Wednesday 26th June and doors are open from 7.00pm.  The lecture is FREE but a donation of £3 is encouraged to cover costs.

Everyone is welcome and there is no need to book.

For further information contact the Museum on 01305 262735 or check the website on www.dorsetcountymuseum.org

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