The Rarest Fossil Ammonites: Nature at its most bizarre a talk by Wolfgang Grulke

Heteromorph by Wolfgang GrulkeOn Wednesday 14th October at 7pm, Dorset County Museum is thrilled to be hosting a talk by Wolfgang Grulke on some of the most beautiful and most bizarre ammonite fossils ever found. Accompanied by stunning photography, this promises to be a truly fascinating talk.

During their reign of 300 million years ammonites experimented with the most bizarre and startling shell shapes. They dominated the sea when dinosaurs dominated the land. Some were large predators not unlike today’s giant squid; others small and delicate. Now, new technology is revealing the full beauty of these ‘heteromorph’ ammonites and they have become very desirable and passionately collected natural objects. Some have become works of art in the form of natural sculpture, or have inspired artists to create their own work, and as such this talk will appeal to those interested in geology and art alike.

Wolfgang Grulke and his collection of Ammonites

Wolfgang Grulke and his collection of Ammonites

Wolfgang Grulke’s beautiful book full of amazing photography, ‘Heteromorph’, will be available to buy on the night.

Wolfgang’s talk is on Wednesday 14th October 2015, 7.00pm (doors open at 6.30pm). This free talk is open to all. To cover costs, a small donation of £3.00 is encouraged. The talk will take place in the Museum’s Victorian Gallery.

For further information contact the Museum on on 01305 756827 or check the website on or follow us on Facebook and Twitter

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