Traveller’s Tales: Archaeology in Malta

Hagar Qim Megalithic Temple

Hagar Qim Megalithic Temple

Dr. Jon Murden will give a talk at Dorset County Museum on 29th January entitled, Traveller’s Tales: Archaeology in Malta.

Last year whilst visiting Malta, Jon explored the islands’ wealth of archaeological sites including the spectacular prehistoric temple Haġar Qim.

Older than Stonehenge, this is one of the many Megalithic structures, to be recognised by UNESCO and to be given World Heritage status.

In his illustrated presentation, Dr. Murden will guide through Malta’s fascinating past from the Ice Age cave Ghar Dalam, the mysterious prehistoric track ways called Misrah Ghar il-Kbir (informally known as Clapham Junction); the underground Roman cemeteries known as the St Paul’s Catacombs and the Roman Villa at Domus Romana at Rabat.

The talk takes place at 7.00pm on Thursday 29th January and doors are open from 6.30pm. The event is FREE but donations are welcome and all are welcome to attend. For further information please see or telephone 01305 262735.


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