Geology lecture: Landslides in the UK by Dr. Helen Reeves

Dr. Helen Reeves

Dr. Helen Reeves

On Wednesday 12th November 2014 there will be a geology lecture at Dorset County Museum on the subject of landslides.

Dr. Helen Reeves of the British Geological Survey will give an overview of the landslides work undertaken by the British Geological Survey. This this will include a description of the national landslide database, the ways in which landslides are surveyed, monitored and predicted, and the value of these activities to local residents and other interested parties.

Helen is the Head of Science for Engineering Geology at the British Geological Survey. She is a Leeds/ Durham trained engineering geologist, who before joining BGS in 2002, worked in UK-based ground investigation. Much of her research involves investigating the processes and distribution of geohazards, particularly landslides and subsidence, in the UK.

When Helen isn’t busy attending international meetings and studying existing landslides, she enjoys visiting her favourite haunts by campervan.

Her talk will take place on Wednesday 12th November in the Museum’s Victorian Hall. The event is FREE but donations are encouraged to cover costs. The talk starts at 7.00pm and the doors are open from 6.30pm. All are welcome to attend.

For more information of this and other events please Tel: 01305 262735 or visit our website at

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