Dorset County Museum opens new art exhibition

The Hearth that FedA new exhibition opens at Dorset County Museum on 2nd November 2013. The Heart That Fed features the work of two Dorset artists – Nell Race and Angelika Seik.  Both have spent long careers exploring their art and have been exhibiting separately for over 30 years.  This is their first joint exhibition.

Nell Race’s pictures are non-figurative – they are not pictures of castles and beaches, but they do hold oblique and subtle references to the Dorset environment in which she lives and works. The paintings express the feelings and emotions which the Purbeck hills, rocks and cliffs evoke and all are integrated into her work.

Dorset has also influenced Angelika in many ways.  She gets her stone direct from Dorset quarries, and moved to the area to be near them. Angelika loves the sea and many of her works relate to it, for example Time & Tide. She is fascinated by the interconnections between the sea, the land, the people who live there and their shared history.

“We’re looking forward to the exhibition opening,” said Museum Director Jon Murden. “Both artists have a strong local following and we expect a lot of interest. It’s also a good time for people coming to the Museum to have a browse in the gift shop and enjoy our popular tea room.“

The Heart that Fed opens at Dorset County Museum on Saturday 2nd November and runs until 1st February 2014. Entry to the exhibition is free and many of the pieces are for sale. For more information check the website on

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