New Exhibition ‘The Heart that Fed’ by Nell Race and Angelika Seik

Artspeak by Nell Race

Artspeak by Nell Race © 2013

Two of Dorset’s most compelling artists, Nell Race and Angelika Seik, present a milestone exhibition of paintings and sculpture at Dorset County Museum. The Heart that Fed showcases two extensive working careers spent in quiet determination which have lent each of their oeuvres an instinctive, personal signature.

Nell has been painting all her life and is a prolific and well respected painter in the Arts community. She constantly surprises with successively changing images. Her non-figurative paintings are frequently concerned with textures, juxtapositions and liminal spaces and hold subtle references to the Dorset environment in which she lives.  Works such as ‘Songscape’ and ‘Threshold’ reflect her interest in evocation through mark-making, while ‘Walk with 3H’ demonstrates a fascination with craft and design.

Time and Tide by Angelika Seik

Time and Tide by Angelika Seik © 2013

Angelika carves stone sculptures with provocative titles like ‘How many meals have you cooked in your life time?’ Her strong human themes have developed over the years into an on-going series of female forms, which combine socio-political ideas with traditional working methods. She describes these as ‘timeless universal women, who hold the fabric of our societies together’. This show will highlight a more reflective mood, showcasing her newest collection entitled ‘The Art of taking it easy’. Like Nell, Dorset has influenced Angelika in many ways. Not only does she get her stone from here, she moved to the area to be near it; she loves the sea and boats and sailing and many of her works are related to this theme.

Museum director Jon Murden said, “We are delighted to be able to host this exciting new exhibition and believe the contrast between the paintings and the sculptures will create an impressive and fascinating show.”

As artist friends, Nell and Angelika’s work and personalities complement each other. They say: “This exhibition arose out of mutual support and respect for each other’s ideas”. The title is a quote from Percy Bysshe Shelley’s sonnet ‘Ozymandias’, a text loved by both artists.

The exhibition opens at Dorset County Museum on Saturday 2nd November 2013 and runs until 1st February 2014. Many of the pieces are for sale and entry to the exhibition is FREE

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