Hardy’s Landscapes a talk by Dr Tony Fincham

View of Rainbarrow by Henry Joseph Moule

On Tincleton Heath – View of Rainbarrow by Henry Joseph Moule © DCM

Thomas Hardy was a landscape novelist, who painted enduring pictures of the natural world, which formed the stage upon which his characters acted out their tragic lives. Hardy’s landscapes are at once specific and general; based on real places, but purposefully distanced and disguised.

On Thursday 26th September 2013 at 7.30pm, Dr. Tony Fincham, Chairman of the Thomas Hardy Society, explores some aspects of the Hardyan landscape and the unique contribution that Thomas Hardy made to our ability to interpret the natural world.

This is the fourth in a series of five lectures about Thomas Hardy and is part of a larger project including the National Trust and the University of Exeter. It is hoped that the more academic nature of these lectures will provide the general public and lovers of Hardy’s novels with an increased connection to contemporary ideas about his work.

Entry to the talk is FREE but a donation of £3.00 is encouraged to cover costs. Everyone is welcome and there is no need to book.  Doors open at 7.00pm.

For further information contact the Museum on 01305 262735 or check the website on www.dorsetcountymuseum.org

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