Events: Encounters: Wessex Contemporary Artists meet Dorset County Museum

WESCA, a group of contemporary artists, respond in diverse ways to encounters with Dorset County Museum

Great British Summer by Louise Roll © 2012

Great British Summer by Louise Roll © 2012

At last, an exhibition of contemporary art that can be accessed and enjoyed by all!

It focuses on shared ancestry, poignant memory and loved landscape. No need to be intimidated, there are links throughout the exhibition with objects and ideas held by the Museum and the visitor is encouraged to explore their own memories that have a constant bearing on how we live today.

The artists will be there personally on three mornings to talk about their work – come along between 10.30am and 12 noon on 21st February, 4th and 11th April to meet them, hear about their work and find out what inspired them.  Some of the artists are also running workshops to encourage tactile engagement with processes and concepts that are at the heart of Contemporary art.  Obfuscation is not part of this exhibition.  Pleasure, recognition and personal involvement is…

Chris Miller © 2012

Chris Miller © 2012

The archaeological holdings of the museum have been the focus of the largest number of artists.  The Dorset landscape, particularly the coast and Maiden Castle is another popular subject.  Poetry, library books, farming, mourning jewellery and fresco painting are also part of the show.  Another strong category explored by some artists is enquiring into the whole concept of the Museum itself.  The experience of encountering fragments of the past, unfolding in the viewer buried and evocative memories, is made contemporary.

Encounters: Wessex Contemporary Artists meet Dorset County Museum runs from 16th February to 7th June 2013.  Entry to the exhibition is free.  Details of events associated with the exhibition are available on the Museum website and from the Museum Shop.

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